Questions Children Have about Their Parents’ Divorce

The questions that children have about divorce are not the same as the questions that adults ask. You’re worried about how to divide your 401(k). Your child just wants to know where they’re going to live. 

Because of these differences, parents sometimes inadvertently make divorce harder for their children than necessary. They fail to give them the information and assurance that they seek. You must take the time to consider their questions if you really want to put the kids first. 

8 common questions children have when their parents divorce

Your children may certainly have unique questions about your specific situation, and you have to take that into account. However, here are eight common questions to get you started as you think of things from their perspective:

  • Where am I going to live? Will all of us still live together or not?
  • Do I get to stay in the same school and will I see my friends?
  • Why are you both choosing to get a divorce?
  • Is this divorce my fault in any way?
  • Is the divorce forever, or is it a temporary thing that may eventually result in you both getting back together?
  • When is the divorce going to happen and when it is going to be done?
  • Are we going to have to move out of our house? What happens to all of our stuff?
  • Will I still get to see/live with my brothers and sisters?

All of these questions can be very important to your child, so it helps to have the answers thought out before you have that first big discussion.

When you’re a parent who is about to get divorced

Parents have a lot of concerns about child custody and support when they’re going through a divorce. Working with an experienced attorney can help you make informed decisions moving forward and protect your rights.

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