Ways to Survive the First Holiday Season after a Divorce

The holidays are notoriously stressful under normal circumstances. Dealing with the added pressure of navigating your way through the holiday season after a divorce can be seemingly unbearable. Don’t despair! Although this time of the year can present unique challenges for both you and your kids, it is also a great opportunity to make fresh changes.

If listening to holiday-themed music and seeing decorations doesn’t spark joy, then now might be the time to develop a strategy for the holidays. Taking control of how you and your kids will cope with your newfound circumstances can add a layer of peace and happiness to what could otherwise be an unnecessarily dismal experience.

3 tips to help you and your children

According to Psychology Today, some specific things can be done to turn a negative into a positive during the “most wonderful time of the year.”

  • Make new traditions: The silver lining is that you now have a golden opportunity to begin new and fresh traditions for both you and your children. For the sake of continuity, it can be valuable to carry on old family traditions. However, don’t be afraid to step out of the box and add something new.
  • Cooperation with your ex: In many cases, such as those that involved abuse or abandonment, collaborating with your ex may not be an option. However, if your parenting plan includes shared time during the holidays, it can be beneficial for all to gracefully cooperate.
  • Don’t forget about yourself: Take care of yourself by covering your bases with sleep, nutrition, and exercise. It is also a good time to do something nice for yourself, perhaps something that you have always wanted to do but haven’t.

These helpful tips can take the guesswork out of the holidays by setting yourself and your children up for success. Memories are a powerful thing and this holiday season can be a meaningful memory that lasts a lifetime.

If you are still in the process of a divorce, it can create added pressure with paperwork and legal proceedings. Be sure you know how to address this with the guidance of family law professionals.

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