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Protecting You Throughout Your Divorce

If your marriage is not working and you feel that divorce is the answer, Warren Family Law is here and ready to help you work through the divorce process. There is more than one way to get it done. Our attorney and firm founder, Jim Warren, can discuss all of your options with you and assist you through the dissolution method that will help you achieve the best divorce settlement possible.

Be wary of online, do-it-yourself divorce options. You may walk away with a settlement that will not serve your best interests. Contact us to learn why having an experienced attorney walk you through your divorce will benefit you.

Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse have already agreed to how you want to divide property, handle financial support and split time with your children, if applicable, you may file an uncontested divorce — also known as a simple divorce. This is one of the fastest ways to get through the dissolution of marriage process in North Carolina.


Mediation involves you and your spouse meeting to discuss the various aspects that can arise during your divorce. This can include property division, spousal support, child custody agreements and also child support payments. A mediator is present to keep the conversation going. Legal counsel can be present at these sessions as well or consulted between sessions before you agree to anything.


Arbitration is becoming a much more common way to resolve issues connected to a divorce proceeding. This means that an impartial third party will make decisions based upon the facts, and make a ruling that all sides agree to comply with once it has been handed down. It is similar to taking your case to court, but can sometimes be less costly and quicker than litigation. In North Carolina, parties who wish to avoid court may use binding arbitration on their property division, support and custody concerns.


Litigation is usually only used as a last resort. Jim Warren does everything possible to help his clients avoid going to court for divorce, custody or support matters. However, when it cannot be avoided, as an experienced trial lawyer, he will not shy away from the challenge of trial. At the end of the day, his goal is to allow you to walk away from your marriage with settlement terms that serve your best interests. He will do what it takes to get such results.

Here To Answer Your Questions About Your Divorce

The attorney and staff at Warren Family Law are here and ready to answer any questions you have about your divorce. Call our Charlotte office at 704-234-6809 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.