Child Custody and False Domestic Violence Allegations

Lies can damage lives. Many people learn this from their child’s other parent. Child custody battles are often heated disputes where one or both parties are intensely emotional. While it can be a terrible experience, it is not unheard of for one parent to take vindictive action against the other. Some parents use false domestic violence accusations, especially when such actions can sway the courts to rule custody decisions in the vindictive person’s favor. 

If you are someone who faces a false accusation of domestic violence, it is important to understand the severity of possible consequences. There is a possibility you will temporarily lose all rights to see your child. In addition, domestic violence charges can have a criminal component that can be damaging to your future and reputation. If someone serves you with a domestic violence protection order, moving quickly to protect your rights can save you a lot of hassle down the road. 

Short-term child custody implications 

When someone files a DVPO in North Carolina, there is the option to request temporary full custody on the basis of personal protection. If your child’s other parent decides to go this route, Child Protective Services may immediately remove your child from your care and/or prevent you from seeing him or her before your court date. 

Long-term child custody implications 

False accusations can quickly spiral into bigger problems down the road. After a DVPO separates you from your child, the other parent can use their unfair quality time advantage against you. This may decrease the time allotment you have with your child in the future. 

In an effort to do what is best for a child, family law tries to reduce harm as much as possible. Nonetheless, some people still try to take advantage of the laws intended to do good. Domestic violence accusations are serious. You need to be serious about this, too. 

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