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What are valid reasons to modify custody arrangements?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2020 | child custody

When North Carolina parents get divorced, they face many decisions. Child custody arrangements are among the first things they work out. The court sometimes has to step in and help make the final judgment call. They also have the power to approve requests for custody modification in the future. But they do not change custody for any reason whatsoever. Today we will look at some valid reasons to change these arrangements.

The first reason to change a custody arrangement is if one parent is absent. Circumstances leading to a parent’s absence include incarceration, death and military deployment. Sometimes the absence is intentional. If a parent refuses to stick to custody schedules time and time again, you can request the courts to change it.

The second reason is if the child is in immediate danger. Have they expressed a desire to avoid the other parent’s home? Is there danger within the home that puts the child at immediate risk of harm or death? If so, this is a valid reason to request modification.

Finally, do you believe the change would be in your child’s best interest? If so, you can request modifications. Generally, this means that the changes will have a positive impact on your child’s life. It may provide them with more opportunities or remove them from a toxic environment.

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