Reducing Conflict During a Dispute over Custody

Child custody disputes can be the most difficult aspect of the divorce process for many parents. Sometimes, these disputes are resolved in a relatively amicable manner, but in other instances emotions may get out of hand. It is very understandable for parents to become upset during a custody dispute. Not only in their relationship with their child (or kids) potentially on the line but their child’s life may be impacted by the outcome of the court’s decision in many different ways. If possible, however, it is very helpful for parents to reduce conflict during these disputes.

Reducing conflict during a custody dispute can be beneficial for children, especially if they are exposed to fighting or they see their parent(s) overwhelmed by unbearable anxiety. Minimizing conflict and tensions can also be helpful for parents. In some cases, parents may be able to cooperate and find a solution that is more compatible with each parent’s preferences. This may not always be possible but reducing conflict can prevent other avoidable hardships which can completely disrupt one’s life. For example, an angry parent may want to get revenge, or they may falsely accuse their child’s other parent of wrongdoing in order to gain an advantage during the dispute.

Our law firm knows how challenging custody disputes are, even when everything moves forward smoothly. It is vital to know which options are on the table and make sure you approach the dispute with the right mindset and a clear understanding of your options. We talk about a number of other topics on custody disputes throughout our website.

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