Threats of Abuse and North Carolina Child Custody Cases

If you have recently gone through a separation in the state of North Carolina, you may currently be concerned about how custody will be shared between you and the other parent of your child. If you are worried about this, it is important that you pay attention to state-specific laws. This is because they often govern key aspects of child custody decision-making.

In the state of North Carolina, there are several factors that courts pay attention to when establishing what setup is in the child’s best interests. If you believe that the child is not safe within the care of the other parent, it is important that you highlight the reasons why you believe this.

Factors that North Carolina child custody courts consider

The child custody courts obviously want to establish a visitation schedule that prioritizes the safety and the well-being of the child in question. Therefore, they will take any reports of domestic violence very seriously. If there has been an accusation of domestic violence in the past against one of the parents, the child custody courts will assess the effect this event has on the future well-being of the child.

In addition, the courts will also look at the evidence to suggest that the child may be unsafe at one of the parent’s homes. This safety could take into account alcohol or drug abuse, the general safety of the home, and any threat of violence, abuse, or neglect that the child may be subject to.

If you want to make sure that your child is protected from an abusive parent, it is very important that you learn more about the law. An attorney can help you protect your child if there are safety issues that may arise during child custody.

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