Remember These Important Tips If You File for Divorce

It isn’t always easy to know what to do when you intend on separating and divorcing from your spouse. Some people worry avoid domestic violence or creating a conflict, while others just want to make sure that they do everything by the book.

If you intend to divorce your spouse, it’s a good idea to reach out to your attorney, so you can get the right legal support and representation. While it may be possible to represent yourself, that isn’t a good idea in cases involving disputes, conflicts, custody, high-asset property division, or domestic abuse.

To help you get started, here are three things to remember as you go through your divorce. Your attorney will give you more specific information based on the factors influencing your divorce when you have that discussion.

When you file for divorce, keep copies of everything

For your own records, you need to keep copies of all the documents used during your divorce. If there is ever a question about any aspect of your divorce, you’ll want to have those on hand.

Don’t wait for a court order to separate

In North Carolina, you don’t have to wait for a court order to separate. As long as you and your spouse are living apart with the intention to stay separated and divorced, then that will count toward the separation period for your divorce.

Don’t be afraid to report domestic violence

Domestic violence puts lives in danger. If you believe that your spouse will be violent if you ask for a divorce, then you should let your attorney know. There are protection orders that may be available to you, such as a temporary Domestic Violence Protective Order.

These are three important tips to remember as you go through divorce. Your attorney will be sure to give you more guidance, so you are able to make decisions that are beneficial to you in the future. If you need to go to court, your attorney will be ready to represent you and fight for your fair share of your marital assets, custody, or for other results you want.