Programs Available for Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is found in every state of the nation. Each state, though, may address the problem in different ways and even develop different laws and court proceedings to help victims. Also, each state has varying levels of resources that address the needs of people affected by domestic violence. 

In North Carolina, according to, 96 organizations provide some services for domestic violence. The category of “emergency services” is the most common form of help given in the organizations that provide services. Emergency services covers a variety of actions, including emergency shelters, emergency local transportation, food and clothing, and a danger and lethal assessment. Nearly all organizations provide crisis and intervention services and safety planning. Housing services are provided by only about 25% of the organizations. Most organizations that deal with domestic violence in North Carolina help women since they are the most likely victims in the state and throughout the nation. Organizations that offer domestic violence services cover 82 cities in North Carolina. 

Legal representation is one powerful tool available to victims of domestic violence. According to the North Carolina Judicial Branch, a Domestic Violence Protective Order is a court order that forbids the perpetrator of violence to contact the victim. Anyone living in the state regardless of citizenship or immigration status can file a DVPO. The following actions qualify for a DVPO: causing or intending to cause injury, placing in fear of imminent serious injury, continuing to harass a person, and engaging in sexual assault. There is no charge to file a DVPO. More information on restraining orders in North Carolina is available here

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