Should You Fight for the House in Your Divorce?

During a divorce, you have a lot to think about. For instance, when it comes to property division, should you put up a fight to keep your marital home?

To help you make a decision, see what U.S News & World Report has to say about the matter. You have several options worthy of consideration.


If you are not particularly attached to the house, you may not mind working with your current spouse to sell it and split the profits. Be sure to check North Carolina’s current real estate market to determine how easy or difficult it may be to sell your home right now.


Maybe you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse have kids that you want to raise in your home. You can both nest, which means that your kids keep their rooms while you and your current spouse take turns living in the marital house, sharing the cost of an apartment that you take turns living in when one of you is not in the house.


You may want to fight for your marital home. If so, get a well-informed idea of how much owning and maintaining the house on your own costs. Can you afford all the taxes, upkeep, and other common homeowner costs on your current salary? Be sure to factor in the cost of refinancing, because your soon-to-be-ex may no longer wish to remain on the mortgage if you keep the house. Even if you receive alimony as part of your divorce, such payments are sometimes temporary.

Get a full understanding of the situation when deciding whether to remain in your marital home during divorce proceedings. Talk with a legal professional to help make a sound choice.

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