How Can You Protect Your Privacy During Your Divorce?

Divorce is an uncomfortable experience that can also feel very invasive. It may not take long before you feel like everybody you know is aware of all your personal business.

That can ultimately be a disaster for you, both professionally and socially. Depending on where you live and what you do, the gossip can damage your reputation and cause people to treat you differently.

Preserve your privacy with these steps

Here are five ways to protect your privacy and future:

  1. Invest in a private mailbox. If you’re still living in the same home as your spouse, you don’t need them inspecting your mail. A P.O. box can be used to collect sensitive communications.
  2. Notify all of the professionals in your life. You need to let your doctors, your accountant, your broker, the schools, and your office know what’s happening. Update your emergency contacts and any permissions you’ve given to discuss private details with your spouse.
  3. Secure all your electronics. Sever any cloud storage you share with your spouse, change your passwords on your computer and tablet, lock down your social media’s privacy settings so that you don’t have to worry about intrusions.
  4. Make a social media agreement. If your spouse is able to see the benefits of this, see if you can craft an agreement that includes guidelines for what you and your spouse will share online about your situation.
  5. Consider a private judge. Private judges are often used by high-asset and celebrity couples when they divorce because they allow all the proceedings to remain confidential.

Working with an attorney who handles alternative dispute resolution procedures is another option. Mediation and arbitration can allow you to navigate the murky waters of a divorce without litigation.

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