Will Your Spouse Lie During a Divorce?

If you and your spouse have decided to get divorced, it’s safe to say that you may not be on the best of terms. But how bad is it? Just how far are they willing to go? Would they even lie in court to get what they want?

Let’s be very clear: Doing so is illegal. You must tell the truth in court. Perjury is a crime. Unfortunately, just like any other crime, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. People lie all the time to try and get what they want. 

For instance, maybe you have never laid a finger on your children in anger, but you know that your spouse spitefully wants to prevent you from seeing them. Would he or she lie and say you committed child abuse or domestic violence just to make it happen?

Or perhaps your spouse was the one who handled the finances. You know a little, and you’re learning as much as you can, but they know more. They’re supposed to tell the court about all of those assets while splitting them up, but would they lie to hide assets and keep you from getting what you deserve? This also happens a lot, and people often make the excuse that they “just forgot” if the lie comes to light. 

In an ideal world, you’ll both be honest and truthful no matter how you feel. In reality, though, you may not be able to count on that. If you are worried about your spouse lying, you definitely need to know what legal options you have. A good divorce strategy takes all the possibilities into account.

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