What Can You Do If You Fear for Your Child’s Safety During Visitation?

North Carolina divorce can be messy. It is worse when it involves your child. While the best possible option for a child is an amicable divorce, this is not always the case. If you are fearful of your former spouse, for yourself and your child, visitation days may be a time of high anxiety for you both. Very Well Family suggests that silence is a problem, that a parent needs to speak up when there is a real fear.

Domestic violence is serious. Most judges will take it seriously and investigate any allegations of abuse or violent threats before the court determines child custody. Family protective services may even involve themselves in the case. It is likely that your ex will deny the allegations. When this happens, you should make sure that you have documentation of any events where you were fearful. During a divorce, particularly a volatile divorce, it is important to allow your child to speak to a professional. If your child’s therapist believes that he or she is unsafe with one parent, ask him or her to provide an expert claim.

Protecting your children is your number one priority. In the middle of a heated custody battle, it is normal to have fear and concerns. Your moves should involve filing for custody and explaining to the judge your fears. Evidence will make your case clearer. In addition, if it escalates, you can always file for a protective order.

The above information is meant to be educational on domestic violence and child custody. It is not intended to be legal advice.

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