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Helping You Understand Your Options In Domestic Violence Cases

Whether you are the victim of domestic abuse or you are facing false accusations of domestic violence, you have a lot on the line. Your safety and welfare may be at stake. Additionally, any history or allegations of abuse in a family can affect other family law issues, such as custody and child support.

In North Carolina, domestic violence cases have both criminal and civil statutes, and Warren Family Law can apply both to your circumstances. After more than 30 years of assisting Charlotte area families in crisis, we know the hardships you are facing if violence is part of your household. We are prepared to take whatever legal steps we can to protect you.

Your Safety Is Our Concern

If you are the victim of threats or abuse by a family member, your priority is to get medical attention and find shelter. Then contact a lawyer who can help you resolve the matter in criminal and civil courts. This may include seeking a protective order from the courts, which commands your abuser to keep away from you for a specific amount of time or risk criminal penalties.

Attorney Jim Warren understands how difficult your circumstances are. You may be afraid, worried about finances and confused by the legal process. We dedicate our practice to giving you honest, compassionate support and to fighting these battles for you.

Standing Up Against False Allegations

Claims of domestic abuse may arise from highly emotional events. However, you should never underestimate them. Once your accuser files charges, the state is in control of whether you will face prosecution, even if your accuser recants.

Unresolved accusations of domestic violence can be ruinous, and your efforts to defend yourself without legal counsel may cause the situation to spiral quickly out of your control. We know what is at stake for you, and the sooner you have us at your side, the more quickly we can begin building your defense against criminal and civil charges.

How Can We Help You?

Contact Warren Family Law for assistance with both criminal and civil issues arising from domestic violence charges. Call 704-234-6809 or use our online form to schedule a consultation. Our Charlotte office is easy to access from Interstate 277.