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Grandparent rights in North Carolina

As a grandparent, you want to preserve the precious relationship with your grandchildren, even when a relationship with his or her parents becomes contentious. In North Carolina, grandparents can seek legal visitation rights with their grandchildren under certain...

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Thinking about gray divorce?

When you are walking down the aisle toward your future spouse, you plan for a lifetime together. After 30 years, you may start to wonder just how long that “lifetime” is going to be, and whether the person across the table at breakfast still has the same vision for...

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What is a homewrecker lawsuit?

Divorce is hard, but when a third party gets involved in your marriage and it ends, the pain is even worse. Maybe you had an overbearing and meddling mother in law who never liked you from the start, and she chipped away at your marriage in various ways resulting in...

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