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Do you need to assign fault in a divorce?

You’re getting divorced, and it’s your spouse’s fault. You found explicit pictures and text messages on their phone. Outraged, you confronted them and discovered that they were having an affair with the person they were texting. After finding out, you quickly decided...

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Do you need to have a divorce attorney?

If you search online and ask the internet if you need a divorce attorney, you’re going to get several answers. The truth is that the state you’re in won’t require you to work with an attorney, but working with an attorney is smart if you want to protect yourself...

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Does where you divorce matter?

If you and your spouse have split up and are living in separate states, it’s important to think carefully about how you want to handle your divorce. Different states have varied laws, and choosing the right state to file in will make a difference in your case. In a...

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Does fault matter in divorce?

If you’re planning on getting a divorce from your spouse, you may already be collecting evidence against them. Whether you’re accusing them of adultery or of being violent or controlling, you’re doing the right thing documenting that information. That being said,...

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